Centrum Chodov

Roztylská 2321/19, Prague 4

Mo - Fri: 7.00 AM - 11.00 PM
Sat - Sun: 8.00 AM - 11.00 PMSCHEDULE EXERCISE

Dear members, in these days our club Chodov is under the reconstruction. We apologize for your descomfort. During the reconstruction our members can use the services of other fitness clubs: Vinohradská 190, P 3; VIVO! Hostivař, Švehlova 1391/32, P 15; Nám. Na Stráži 544/1, P 8; Evropská 178, P 6
Thank you for your understanding BBC team.

In Centrum Chodov you have a fitness and wellness center of 1500m2. It offers you what people are looking for in baths or during holiday at the sea. Nearby your home you can find the right place where you can do sport and do your exercises. If you want to make your body moving, you are at the right place now. Daily stress, sitting job, enormal noise, unnatural light and less moving hurts your organism. Muscles disappear, weight gets higher and the organism gets full of toxin. How long can you stay healthy? Do not think about it too much and come by to let our professionals help you. They will find the ideal form of doing an exercise and add a lot of useful information. The result will be visible soon.

Center Chodov combinates fitness and wellness. Try this combination which is the perfect regeneration for your organism. You can choose the movement in the rhythm of music or cycling at any weather. Our bicycles can not take you closer to all of your goals, but they will help you with the problematical parts of your body. The relaxing part of the center includes luxury solariums and from these you will get the impossibly bronze skin and vitamin D  and it will carry the other benefits for your body also…


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