Swimming Pool, Whirlpool and Massages 

Massage of stiff muscles is necessary if you want your body to work properly. In case you spend most of your time under pressure at work, it may lead to muscle stiffness (especially harmful for your nape).  A pleasant massage will regenerate your muscles. 

Enjoy a soft massage in our whirlpool. Who could possibly resist the regenerating power of bubbles? Whirlpool performs micro-massage of your skin, improves blood circulation, and prevents your body from back pain etc. At the end you will be completely relaxed. Just like heaven!  

Sauna prevents you from getting sick, but it also calms your heartbeat, helps against joint pain and relaxes your respiratory system. It also eliminates headache, nervousness, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Relaxing in the sauna, whirlpool or swimming pool is a pleasant way to finish your day. Your body will be strong and fresh and your satisfaction at the maximum.