About Us

BBC is about doing sport and meeting other people. Get your power back by a combination of physical exercises and relaxing procedures while spending time at a nice place, where you can talk to your friends, make contacts, do business or just get to know other people.

Your body needs movement and care and your soul needs company. In all of our fitness centres you can do sport, relax and have fun. Get rid of stress from work by doing healthy physical activities and having good drinks with your company. No matter how old you are or what shape your body is in, our trainers will support you as much as they can. Try fitness, aerobic, running and walking, cycling or boxing. You can relax in our saunas, swimming pools and solariums with our professional trainers always nearby. We believe that you will feel comfortable and find a way to look better, get a perfect body and a good mood. Don’t forget that body and mind are connected!

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